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What's happening now...

2017 Great American Cleanup Days will be scheduled in Spring

Special Dumpsters will be setup in each District for collection of trash.  Schedule & Location dates are: 

Dumpster Days Schedule – April 6 – May 7

Things to put in the dumpsters:  furniture, mattresses, TVs, building materials and similar items.  Personal tires and white goods (refrigerators, air conditioners, stoves) and other large items should be placed on the ground near the dumpster.  No paint, oil, hazardous materials or household garbage can be accepted. No Commercial tires or Scavenging at the dumpsters. 

April 6 – 9:          Lot on Monticello Street and Nola Road

April 13 – 16:        Lot at Newman Rd and Old Highway 51 

April 20 – 23:      Lot at Highway 51 and Bogue Chitto Rd 

April 27 – 30 :     Intersection of Jackson-Liberty Rd and West Lincoln Dr 

April 4 – May 7:  Lot at James Case’s Store on California Road

Please help us cleanup and Keep Lincoln County Beautiful

Please no hazardous materials or garbage, and no Scavenging in the Dumpsters


Hazardous Waste Day is tentatively scheduled for October 7

A great opportunity to get rid of big and bulky trash and litter.


Summary of Household Hazardous Waste Event

Held on March 28, 2015- 8 a.m. to Noon

The 2015 Household Hazardous Waste Event was held on March 28 at the City Land Fill in Brookhaven.  Thanks to everyone for taking the time to sort through old materials around the home and get it out for safe disposal.  Many of these items can be recycled and others are destroyed without being dumped where they could endanger others and our environment.

Here is a summary of material collected during this 4 hour Event.

Aerosols                              1841 lbs

Oxidizers                             106 lbs

Poisons                                3329 lbs

Corrosives                           260 lbs

Flammable Liquids           110 gallons

Batteries                              155 lbs

Asbestos siding                 293 lbs

Electronic Waste              4548 lbs

Propane tanks                   58 each

Used oil                               415 gallons

Paint                                      25 Cubic feet (App. 25,000 lbs.)

Tires                                      675

 Thanks to all of the volunteers and city police in making the event flow smoothly.   Dumpsters for Non-Hazardous material will be rotated to each Lincoln County District during the next few weeks.    Please continue to help keep the litter off of our streets and highways and Keep Lincoln County Beautiful.   We try to get a grant to hold this event every two years. 


The 2015 Great American Cleanup in Lincoln County was held April/May 2015. Special dumpsters were put out in each district on selected weekends for major collection points of old appliances, tires, and other large items that are an eyesore. Lincoln County residents took advantage of the convenience for getting rid of large items of trash and debris, including old wire fencing and even a few old pianos.


Let's really keep our communities cleaned up this year. Thanks for your help!


Please help us continue to clean up road side litter in your community. Get a few people in your neighborhood, church or clubs to make it a coordinated effort to spruce up the area....Please give us a hand with this cleanup. We want to continue to reduce the litter and illegal dumps in Lincoln County.


 How to dispose of waste in Lincoln County

- Tires - Take to the County Barn (FREE)
- White goods (refrigerators, stoves, air conditioners) - Take to City Dump (Fee/item)
- Non-hazardous solid waste (mattresses, sofas, roofing, etc. - Take to City Dump (Dumping Fee Charged)
- Hazardous waste (oils, antifreeze, chemicals, paints, pesticides, etc.)- Safely store for Hazardous Waste Cleanup Day

  • How to report Highway litters - report type of vehicle, tag number and location of littering to: 1-800-545-3764 or cellular dial *47
  • Need someone to give group presentation on ways to reduce litter - 833-4126
  • Keep Lincoln County Beautiful Projects -- ways you can help
  • Feedback to Keep Lincoln County Beautiful - Send your ideas to KLCB at [email protected]

We try to get a grant to have a Hazardous Waste Collection Day every two years for Lincoln County. We continue to work with DEQ for a Grant to cover a Collection Day every two years.

Here are the results from a previous Hazardous Waste Collection Day

A quick summary: 163 individual brought items (some making multiple trips) 45 drums (55 gallons) of hazardous materials 8 boxes of materials that could not go in drums, such as aerosol containers 550 tires 82 batteries One ton of paper A mountain of "white goods," stoves, refrigerators, washing machines, and similar items.

Litter Survey in Lincoln County

Keep Lincoln County Beautiful is a chapter of Keep America Beautiful. An annual Litter Survey is required of each chapter to determine progress on controlling litter. A new measurement scale was introduced in 2000 and now used by Keep America Beautiful chapters throughout the U.S. is now being used to evaluate how littered an area is on a scale of 1 to 4. (See a picture of each rating on the Litter Examples link)

The individual ratings are: 1 -- No Litter (virtually no litter can be seen by the independent observers viewing the surrounding location) 2 -- Some Litter (small amount of litter is obvious to observer and easily picked up in short time) 3 -- Littered (litter is readily seen in area and would need organized effort for removal) 4 -- Extremely Littered (continuous amount of litter throughout area and requires equipment or extra help to cleanup

In Lincoln County the survey was conducted by randomly selecting 15 observation points in each of the five "Beats" and the City of Brookhaven. Five observers rated each of the locations independently. The observations ratings were summarized to give an overall litter rating for the County as well as more specific ratings for the different Beats and the City. The results for 2000 - 2009 are shown in the chart at the LINK for "Litter Survey"  and will be used as a base to measure litter in the future. Check it out.

Check out the most recent results of the Lincoln County Litter Survey - Look at the trend for for some previous surveys. See how your area did! Go to the Link for Litter Survey.


Litter Control Information

If you have questions about Litter and Solid Waste Disposal in Lincoln County, call:

Ronnie Durr - Coordinator, Solid Waste and Litter, at the Lincoln County Unit Barn 833-0905

Mission Statement

The mission of Keep Lincoln County Beautiful is to measurably reduce litter on all highways, streets and byways throughout Lincoln County and to reduce materials going into its landfills by instilling pride, a positive attitude and behavior change regarding natural resource conservation, littering, recycling and proper solid waste management, and beautification.

Lincoln County passed a Litter Ordinance on March 1, 1999. The intent of this Ordinance is to promote a clean, healthy, safe and attractive environment in which to live by reducing the accumulation of litter and trash throughout the County. Key parts of this new Ordinance are summarized below to help the public be better informed about what is expected for compliance.

  • It is unlawful to discard any garbage or compostable trash on any public or private property, except in designated receptacles
  • Any materials being transported by vehicle must be secured to prevent blowing or falling from the vehicle
  • Drivers are responsible for immediate cleanup of any materials or objects that escape their vehicle
  • No litter or refuse shall be put in a public receptacle except for materials designated for that container
  • Garbage must be stored in leak-free, enclosed containers with any spillage or overflow to be cleaned up immediately
  • Persons owning or occupying property shall keep their property, sidewalks and right-of-way in front of their premises free of garbage and trash.
  • Adequate containers capable of holding generated garbage and trash until final disposal is accomplished, must be provided by the person in charge of the public or private property
  • Any accumulation of non-contained garbage or trash on any public or private property is a violation of this ordinance
  • Any trash from construction, repair or alteration of any building shall be contained and removed in a timely fashion by the contractor or contracting building owner
  • Trees, limbs and brush cut by a contractor or person performing such task shall be removed at that person's expense
  • Household garbage that is contained in covered receptacles will be collected on a scheduled basis by the county or its agent
  • The County Solid Waste/Litter Coordinator or any uniformed county officer may issue written notices or citations for violations of this ordinance
  • Failure to comply with correctives notices will result in fines and penalties
  • Penalties include:

- 1st offense -- citation and minimum $50 fine

- 2nd offense -- $50 - $250 fine

- Further violation -- $250 - $500 fine/community service and/or jail

- Property not cleaned up within 30 days of correction notice, may be removed by the county with fines and cleanup cost charged to the owner

Some Beautification Projects in Lincoln County






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