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Welcome to the Lincoln County Historical Website

Look around and learn more about Lincoln County and some of the history about its people, communities and things that brought us to the place we are today.

Please come visit the Museum and bring a friend.  Information and open hours are shown on the "About Us" link.  A nice way to spend an hour or so.

A Mystery...., but getting closer.

We have found the Bicentennial Bronze Plaque and its granite base, but still have not found the exact spot of the time capsule that it marked. 

It appears from some old newspaper pictures taken at the time the capsule was buried, that the spot is somewhere between the McGrath statue and Cherokee Street.  We have used metal detectors, but have not located the copper box (only some small coins) that was used for the capsule.  We are still looking and will let you know what we find.

Jewish Heritage

Before becoming local history Museum, this building was the synagogue for the active Jewish community in Lincoln County.  We continue to keep this history alive and find items that may be of interest to our visitors. 


 Our Aim Is To

  • Preserve our town and county history
  • Preserve family histories
  • Preserve historical artifacts
  • Preserve historical sites, such as all buildings and family cemeteries
  • Promote education related to local history
  • Educate people about the area history

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Sue Dorman's Tidbits of Lincoln County History

Sue has researched some of the events in Lincoln County found in old Newspapers and transcribed some of the more interesting items from past events.  We will post some of these periodically to tweak a look back.  Keep checking here for new Tidbits.


Upcoming Events

Please join us for the many upcoming events sponsored by the  Lincoln County Historical & Genealogical Society:

Next up.....

Please note the new location for this meeting at the Hurst Review Building at 127 south Railroad Ave.  We would particularly like to invite former students of Withworth College to come and bring some of their memories with them.


Great presentation by Keith Reeves on the History of the Stahl-Urban Operation in Brookhaven in October.  Thanks Keith and all of our guest who brought interesting stories about their experience at this operation.

Attention! The presentation by Mr. Gove is being rescheduled --Please check back for new date! 

History of the Hartley-Gove Thermometer Plant

Presentation by Mr. Ed Gove

Owner and Operator

Do you know what this is??

Often, when you start talking about history, someone will ask "Do you know what this is? Do you know what this does? Do you know where this is? Who is this person?" and similar kinds of things that tweak their curiosity. We will be selecting items that we find that has some Lincoln County/Brookhaven link and put them in this section and we will try to also supply the answers, when we know them.  The items and information about it will be shown on the Photo Gallery link.  Check back to see what else we find!

So, what is this?

Photos from March 24, 2016 presentation by John Paul Smith on "All About those Smiths in Lincoln County"






Look at some of the items in Museum in the "Photo Gallery" Link  



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